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Jarrod Cagwin5 vor 7 vor 6 – Rhythm Étude for Ensemble

5 vor 7 vor 6
Rhythm Étude for Ensemble


  • Jarrod Cagwin
  • Übungsbuch mit Begleit-DVD
  • EM Medien
  • EMN-002
  • Release: 2007



Jarrod Cagwin


Jarrod Cagwin's ›5 vor 7 vor 6‹ was originally written as a rhythmic training étude for percussion (5 vor 6). This version has been arranged so that the same rhythmic theories can be applied to any instrument within the confines of the western tempered scale. The principal training focuses on pulse awareness in direct relation to melodic / rhythmic phrasing within cycles of time. The étude utilizes a system of rhythmic cueing, a musical “Morse Code”, to signal the performers to change to different melodic patterns and rhythmic cycles. The composition is conceptually a chamber piece with no conductor in the traditional sense. The Cue Master and Player 1 assume the role of leading the ensemble. The melodic patterns are performed either in unison or in counterpoint / syncopation, depending on the commands from the Cue Master. The form of the piece is completely under the direction of the Cue Master and Player 1. The main goal of this piece is to achieve ensemble unity, stamina, and to increase the individual’s awareness of the preciseness of rhythm whether it be the performer or the beholder.

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