Donate to the Ensemble Modern

Ensemble Modern is supported by many partners and donors, without whose help it would be impossible for Ensemble Modern to carry its ambitious and extraordinary artistic ideas and productions to fruition. Especially in these challenging times, we are more dependent than ever on support in many forms.

Individuals can also help Ensemble Modern in its work, for example by joining the Freunde des Ensemble Modern e.V. (Association Friends of Ensemble Modern) or the Ensemble Modern Board of Patrons e.V.

You can also support Ensemble Modern through donations – whether small or large, one-time or regular. Donations can be made easily via PayPal or wire transfer.

Donations via PayPal:

Donations via bank transfer:
Fonds der Deutschen Ensemble Akademie e.V.
Ensemble Modern - Fonds Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
Intended purpose: Corona Donation
IBAN: DE37500700240486794103

Donation receipt (for persons filing taxes in Germany)
If you donate up to 300 Euros per year to Ensemble Modern via the Deutsche Ensemble Akademie e.V., you do not require a donation receipt from us. It is sufficient for you to submit a deposit receipt or account statement to your tax authority with your tax declaration. If you donate more than 300 Euros, you require an official donation receipt if you wish to deduct the amount from your taxes. In this case, please note your complete address in the reference field when making your wire transfer. We will then send you a donation receipt automatically by mail.