Freunde des Ensemble Modern

The Society of Friends of the Ensemble (Verein Freunde des Ensemble Modern e.V.) was established in 2000 with the aim of giving financial and non-financial support to the Ensemble Modern and its work. This includes the (partial) funding of commissioned works, as well as professional assistance with performances. In this way, the Society, whose members all share a passionate interest in contemporary music, plays a vital role in promoting and disseminating New Music.

What are the benefits of joining the Friends of the Ensemble Modern?

  • You will be invited to the concert series ›Open Ears‹ organized exclusively for the Friends. During composers’ portraits, lectures, rehearsals of the Ensemble Modern and listening evenings at the Ensemble Modern's premises in Schwedlerstraße, you will gain invaluable background information on works, performances and the work of the Ensemble.
  • These monthly meetings also offer opportunities to talk to the members of the Ensemble or meet other like-minded music-lovers, and to exchange views with composers or performers.
  • Membership will keep you up to date with all the current developments in music and acquaint you with the most interesting music of our time.
  • In addition, you will regularly receive information on contemporary music events as well as the annual magazine of the Ensemble Modern, and will benefit from reductions on selected concerts.

Offene Ohren - Eine Reihe der Freunde des EM e.V.



Haus Der Dea, Dachsaal

Frankfurt am Main

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