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Jarrod Cagwin5 vor 7 vor 6 – Rhythm Étude for Ensemble
Jarrod CagwinOne by One – Exercises for Rhythmic Development

One by One
Exercises for Rhythmic Development


  • Jarrod Cagwin
  • Übungs-Buch mit Begleit-DVD
  • EM Medien
  • EMN-003
  • Release: 2009



Jarrod Cagwin


Jarrod Cagwin's ›One by One‹ is a training manual for developing rhythmic precision and musicality. The methods are based on rhythmic systems from South India (Solkattu / Konnokol), West and North Africa , and western Contemporary Music. The manual, along with a DVD demonstration, is designed to aware the student of relations between different rhythmical styles, cultures, and pulse variations, simultaneously reducing rhythm to a fundamental and logical method for development.