New CD Releases

by Megumi Kasakawa and Rumi Ogawa

Adding to the 13 CD's so far, the summer have seen two new releases: ›perc.width‹ by Rumi Ogawa (percussion) unites chamber music works for very different instrumentations, illustrating Ogawa's notion of percussion as a set of instruments which »is expanded by other instruments to produce multiple sounds«. Megumi Kasakawa (viola) is featured on ›for viola‹ performing ten compositions from the past 100 years which explore different sound options on the viola, including »classics« by Elliot Carter, Heinz Holliger and Hans Werner Henze, but also the highly virtuoso works dedicated to her by Márton Illés and Matej Bonin. Both CD's are available in our shop for 13 €. Two further portrait albums will be released around New Year's 2017/18.