Young Ensemble Academy

Coaching young ensembles: 2022 saw the launch of a new master course format tailored to young existing instrumental ensembles dedicated to new music.

Completing its offerings for young professional musicians, Ensemble Modern and Internationale Ensemble Modern Akaemie have developed a stand-alone course format focusing explicitly on the needs of young ensembles in the field of contemporary music. It is tailored to ensembles at the level of advanced students poised to transition to their professional lives, as well as ensembles which are still young, but already working professionally. During a one-week intense working phase in Frankfurt, the young ensembles will be coached by Ensemble Modern members; workshops on various issues complement the curriculum. In a final concert, the ensembles introduce themselves to the public individually, but also jointly in a composition commissioned for this occasion.

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Alte Seilerei, Halle 3

Frankfurt am Main

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The level of interpretation was consistently outstanding, with an acute sense for sonic and sensuous intensities. Five ensembles, twelve positions, four and a half hours – they could hardly have been more intense.Frankfurter Rundschau, Stefan Michalzik
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Young Ensemble Academy 2022