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With these hands

Ensemble Modern und Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

›With these hands‹ expresses the overall concept: every evening, a new dialogue will take place between music and dance. The musicians from Ensemble Modern and the dancers from the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company will give each other impulses, developing sounds and movements that will be recorded, processed, altered and reintroduced into the creative flow by Norwegian jazz musician and live electronics artist Jan Bang. The result will be a slowly changing stream of movement and music in which sound and dance become inextricably intertwined. For this production, Jacopo Godani transforms the dancers into epic titans and mythological, alien beings by using oversized head sculptures, creating a world with its very own aesthetic. In the last few years, the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company has already cooperated several times with the Ensemble Modern. This successful collaboration is now being continued and expanded by a new dimension with the collaboration of the Norwegian jazz musician and live electronics artist Jan Bang.

Fantasy creatures, halfway between animal and human, a soundscape from another world – improvisation from the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and the music of DJ Jan Bang draw the audience into a diffuse world.Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, Rico Stehfest
The live improvisations of Ensemble Modern, however, are anything but merely illustrative ornamentation. The five musicians are centrally located on stage, alongside the Norwegian DJ Jan Bang, who takes their sounds and plays them back in an electronic interpretation.tanznetz.de, Rico Stehfest