Tausend und ein Morgen

A Musical Novel performed by Ilija Trojanow and Ensemble Modern

Wherever we look, there are apocalyptic visions. High time for a utopian novel and an unusual cooperation between the writer Ilija Trojanow and Ensemble modern. ›Tausend und ein Morgen‹ takes us into a future in which strangeness is ubiquitous and worldwide: a balance between civilization and nature, between mankind and machine, no hunger, no misery, no patriarchy and no exploitation. Societies are organized as basic democracies.

In this faraway world, a circle of activists has decided to use the invention of time travel to »liberate« earlier generations from the shackles of their times. Young Cya is accompanied by the artificial intelligence GOG, traveling into the past to change the course of history for the better. They visit pirates in the Caribbean during the baroque era and the Russian revolutions of 1917/18.

In the same way that each of the time levels uses a certain genre and style of language, the music – apart from a »setting« motifs and figures – also employs musical quotes and especially improvisations to illustrate the difference in time and place. Thus, the beauty of utopian thought is not conveyed by blueprints of political longing, but by a playful and sensuous diversity of poetry and music.




Wiener Konzerthaus, Berio-saal


// EM