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Ryoji Ikeda

This concert featuring acoustic string instruments might also be entitled »Ryoji Ikeda unplugged«. Ikeda came to international renown with his kaleidoscopic sound sculptures, in which electronics and new technologies play key roles. With mathematical precision, he artfully orchestrates sound, images, materials and physical phenomena into performances and installations. With these experiences as a starting point, Ikeda has now accepted the challenge of transferring his working methods to purely acoustic compositions which he is writing especially for Ensemble Modern. The presentation of these works is marked by a radically reduced aesthetic in the spatial implementation of the works. Ikeda creates a ritual experience merging sound, space and stage action.

Radical reduction and compelling intensity create an undertow that excludes anything pedestrian to create space, openness and clarity for novelty.Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Doris Kösterke
It is a delight of space and sound, increased by the pleasure of an intonation oriented exclusively towards the overtone spectrum. Harmonic changes feel as if one were looking through a crystal prism from a different level.Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Doris Kösterke
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Ryoji Ikeda: music for strings | Ensemble Modern (Trailer)