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Liberation Orchestra of Inverted Traditions

An intercontinental musical encounter between Senegalese musicians and members of Ensemble Modern was the impulse leading to the founding of the Liberation Orchestra of Inverted Traditions.

The project started in 2019, when Ensemble Modern was invited to the festival ›AfriCourage‹ in Gambia by Goethe Institut Senegal, where a concert based on improvisation was realized. Following this first encounter, the Liberation Orchestra of Inverted Traditions developed a new concert project, which was premiered during the cresc... Biennial for Current Music Frankfurt Rhine Main in February 2023. For this concert, five musicians from Senegal came to Darmstadt to continue the cooperation. Furthermore, the orchestra is joined by composer and percussionist Jessie Cox, a wanderer between cultures and styles, a political thinker and intergalactic traveller moving between improvisation, avant-garde classical music and experimental jazz.

Through a collective working process, the orchestra has developed another collaboration for this evening, inviting the Swiss composer and percussionist Jessie Cox to join them.

As was evident during rehearsals, the eye-level encounter thrives on the joy all those involved take in playing.Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Norbert Krampf
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Liberation Orchestra of Inverted Traditions (Trailer)