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ICCS young_professionals

International Composer & Conductor Seminars

The International Composer & Conductor Seminars (ICCS) offer a hands-on mentoring programme for composers and conductors presented by Ensemble Modern (EM) and the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA), supported by the Aventis Foundation. The ICCS comprise the modules ICCS young_professionals, ICCS young_talents and ICCS curtain_call. These three complementary modules address the particular needs of young composers and conductors at the beginning of their professional careers. In addition to the opportunity of gaining experience with Ensemble Modern as a highly qualified ensemble, the explicit goal is to create performance and networking opportunities.

ICCS young_professionals is designed for composers and conductors on the cusp of a professional career: Ensemble Modern accompanies them over several months through the genesis of a composition, presenting the work in an international context and fostering networks.

ICCS_young professionals gives young composers the rare opportunity of being in contact even during the composition process with experienced, highly specialized and professionally equipped instrumentalists, trying out ideas and developing the work further (work in progress). The young conductors also witness the genesis of a new composition, taking an active role. They get to know the working environment of an internationally active ensemble, assess their own competencies and develop them further. Because the final concert is embedded within the „cresc... – Biennial for Current Music Frankfurt Rhine Main”, the work-in-progress idea is flanked by goal-oriented preparation for a concert event as part of a festival continuously searching for innovative and cross-genre forms of presentation. This results in a platform for the participants to introduce themselves and their works to an interested public.

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Lea Luka Sikau: Becoming With Rehearsal - Filmcollage zum Prozess von ICCS (2023)