Xerrox Vol. 4 (Ensemble Modern Version)

von Alva Noto

Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto, one of the best known minds in the electronic music scene since the 1990s, composed the fourth part of his “Xerrox” series in 2020. Now the Ensemble Modern, together with Alva Noto as soloist, is realizing an instrumental version of “Xerrox Vol. 4” arranged especially for the ensemble as a commissioned work for the Frankfurt Positionen 2021. The multimedia work, which combines music with video and light installations, was developed at the Frankfurt LAB in April 2021.

Based on the concept of digital replication of source material, the “Xerrox” project deals with the manipulation of data (melodies) by means of endless reproduction. A production process of copies from copies, in other words, whose sounds are altered in such a way that they can hardly be associated with the source material. This creates a sound spectrum of completely new sounds: copies of originals become originals themselves. In 2020, after “Xerrox Vol. 1” (2007), “Vol. 2” (2009) and “Vol. 3” (2015), Carsten Nicolai continued his “Xerrox” journey with “Xerrox Vol. 4”. The idea of an edited version with instrumental line-up already exists since the release of the first volume. After the great success with the work “utp_” (2007) Carsten Nicolai continues the collaboration with the Ensemble Modern in collaboration with Max Knoth.

The sound fills the room. Here is music that is simply present. Time seems to stand still throughout. [...] Continuous transformation, both in the graphics and sound. [...] All of it incredibly beautiful.Frankfurter Rundschau, Stefan Michalzik
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Alva Noto: Xerrox Vol. 4 (Ensemble Modern Version) (Trailer)