AION for Ensemble and Artificial Intelligence

by Johannes Motschmann

Can creativity be replaced by artificial intelligence? And how does our perspective on art change when algorithms are involved? For many years Johannes Motschmann has been studying these highly topical questions, first and foremost with an eye on the question how creative processes work at all when humans and machines interact. The new work ›AION‹, developed in collaboration with the SWR’s Experimental Studio, will have its world premiere during EM’s subscription concert at the Alte Oper Frankfurt under the baton of Peter Tilling. It is based on software which allows the audience to witness the generation of music up close and personal, in the direct interplay of action and reaction between the musicians and artificial intelligence.

Can creative processes even result from this interaction of human and machine? Yes, says Johannes Motschmann [...], for whom creative processes arise where he renders the transitions between his composition and the music developed by artificial intelligence inaudible.hr2-kultur, Ursula Böhmer
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Johannes Motschmann: AION (Trailer)