›Warsaw Autumn‹

at ›Happy New Ears‹

July once again raises the curtain on new composers. At ›curtain_call‹ of the ICCS (International Composer & Conductor Seminars) in the series ›Happy New Ears‹, Ensemble Modern is conducted by Jonathan Stockhammer at the Frankfurt Academy of Music and Performing Arts. The programme is entitled ›Warsaw Autumn‹ and features very recent works by Alex Paxton and Anda Kryeziu as well as three world premieres by Anna Sowa, Katarina Gryvul and Arash Yazdani. Thematically, the pieces revolve around highly current issues, such as the horrors of white phosphorus munitions or sociopolitical tensions in our daily lives. The Ukrainian composer Katarina Gryvul explores various stages of lamentation and grief in her piece ›skvyrk‹ – literally »sobbing« or »whimpering«.




Hochschule Für Musik Und Darstellende Kunst, Großer Saal

Frankfurt am Main

// EM