›Des Pudels Kern‹ Podcast

on the Subject of ›Playing Games‹

»But who is still playing games? There is no space for that«, says the philosopher Alice Lagaay. How can we learn to play again, in music and in life? Why can’t you fake a risk? And why should we fight for open spaces? Elisa Erkelenz and David-Maria Gramse of the podcast ›Des Pudels Kern‹, a series of conversations, examine these questions in their current episode. For it, they interviewed Alice Lagaay as well as the conductor Sylvain Cambreling and Ensemble Modern’s flutist, Dietmar Wiesner. Our festival ›cresc… Biennial for Current Music Frankfurt Rhein Main‹ from February 16 to 25, 2024, whose opening concert Sylvain Cambreling will conduct, also focuses under the motto STRING FIGURES on the creative process of playing together.