Spring concerts of the IEMA Ensemble 2022/23

At the HfMDK and the Frankfurt LAB

In its three spring concerts at the HfMDK and the Frankfurt LAB, the IEMA Ensemble 2022/23 presents »classics of modernism« such as Morton Feldman’s ›Routine Investigations‹, Harrison Birtwistle’s ›Secret Theatre‹ for chamber ensemble, Tristan Murail’s ›Éthers‹ and Gérard Grisey’s ›Périodes‹ from the 1970s resp. 1980s alongside more recent works by Rebecca Saunders, Liza Lim, Diana Soh, Yu Kuwabara and others. The most recent composition is by the current IEMA composer Zara Ali: ›Simulation – Part One‹ for large ensemble, lighting and electronics was given its world premiere at this year’s ›cresc… Biennial for Current Music‹. Taking Nick Bostrom’s simulation theory as its point of departure, it explores possibilities of overcoming existential threats.