Anniversary Concert: Aventis Foundation at 25

Concert & Livestream

The Aventis Foundation celebrates its 25-year anniversary with the concert ›Klangwerkstatt – Helmholtz Overtones‹ featuring Ensemble Modern at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. The composers Charles Ives, Edgar Varèse, Rebecca Saunders and James Tenney all had in common their intense exploration of sound spectra and their search for ever-new sounds. They also have another thing in common: the study of the contributions to music theory by the polymath Hermann von Helmholtz, whose ›Lehre von den Tonempfindungen‹ (On the Sensations of Tone) has had a profound influence on the development of music to this day. Thus, the Aventis Foundation presents a concert evening which combines science, art, creativity and free thinking, resulting in fascinating novelty. The concert will also be streamed live at and will be available on demand until October 29, 2022.