IEMA-Ensemble 2020/21

Automn Concerts

After many streamed concerts due to the coronavirus, the IEMA Ensemble 2021/21 was able to give its first live concert again in July in Sofia, Bulgaria. In September there will be further performances with live audiences in Edenkoben, Frankfurt and Detmold. The final concerts at the HfMDK will feature classics of contemporary music as well as five new works by young composers, some of whom are members of the Ulysses Network (Kathrin A. Denner, Matteo Gualandi, Antonio La Spina, Georgia Koumara, Michael Pelzel), premiered shortly before at the Edenkoben Manor House. In addition, the IEMA Ensemble will take full advantage of the spatial and acoustic potential of the special venue of the Naxos Hallenkonzerte: in addition to staged works by Mauricio Kagel, Karlheinz Stockhausen‘s ›Kontakte‹ and Annie Gosfield’s ›Overvoltage Rumble‹ will be performed, among others.