Happy New Ears Videostream

featuring a Portrait of Simon Steen-Andersen

The compositions of the Danish composer and installation artist Simon Steen-Andersen are always a surprising feast for the eyes as well! This is also true of ›Black Box Music‹ (2012), the focus of the next Happy New Ears concert. The musical action takes place around a black box, a kind of puppet theatre stage, in which the hands of the conductor (or rather the actor playing the conductor) are visible in action. Are the musicians following the gestures of this performer, or is he following them? Alongside the performance, the composer and the percussionist Håkon Stene give the audience deeper insights into the development of the work.

The concert will be recorded in advance at the Bockenheimer Depot and broadcast as a video stream on March 20, 23 and 28.

Tickets for the streams and its repeats can be purchased via Reservix using a pricing system based on solidarity. Viewers have a choice between the beginner’s price of 5 Euros, the regular price of 10 Euros and the supporter’s price of 30 Euros. Ticket purchases close one hour before the beginning of the digital event. The streams may also be viewed for up to 48 hours after the event’s original starting time.

Ort: online
—> Samstag, 20.03.2021, 7.30 pm
—> Dienstag, 23.03.2021, 7.30 pm
—> Sonntag, 28.03.2021, 7.30 pm

Simon Steen-Andersen: Black Box Music for percussion solo, amplified box, 15 players and video (2012)
Ensemble Modern
Simon Steen-Andersen
Live-Video, Live-Elektronik und Gesprächspartner
Håkon Stene Schlagzeug/Darsteller und Gesprächspartner
Norbert Ommer Klangregie
Seehund Media Videoproduktion und Streaming

Die Happy New Ears Reihe 2020/2021 ist eine Kooperation von Ensemble Modern, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt sowie Oper Frankfurt. Gefördert durch die Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Freunde des Ensemble Modern e.V.

Tickets: Solidarisches Preissystem (frei wählbar): Einsteigerpreis € 5 / Normalpreis € 12 / Unterstützerpreis € 30

Ticketshop: https://ensemble-modern.reservix.de/events