IEMA Publishes Documentation of the Symposium

„Ensemblelandschaft in der aktuellen Musik“

In November 2019 the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) hosted a one-day symposium in Frankfurt am Main to illuminate the situation of independent ensembles in current music. Together, ensembles, presenters and supporting institutions discussed new concert formats, support structures as well as financing and organizational models in contemporary music. Only a few months later, these subjects took on the dimension of urgent existential threats during the coronavirus stress test which all independent ensembles had to face. The brochure (in German) is available free of charge by mail or can be downloaded.

Welche Sicht haben Ensembles, Veranstalter und fördernde Institutionen auf den sich verändernden Markt?
Dokumentation der Foren, Workshops und Impulse des Symposiums am 20. 11. 2019 im Haus der Deutschen Ensemble Akademie in Frankfurt am Main.