Musikfest Alte Oper Frankfurt

Francisco Coll, Olga Neuwirth and Georges Aperghis

In this year’s Musikfest, the Alte Oper Frankfurt focuses on Ludwig van Beethoven’s ›Eroica‹. Ensemble Modern approaches this reference work by way of George Aperghis’ ›Le soldat inconnu‹, Olga Neuwirth’s ›locus...doublure...solus‹ and Francisco Coll’s ›Liquid Symmetries‹. The works by Francisco Coll und Olga Neuwirth will be performed instead of the world premiere of a new work by Benedict Mason, which cannot take place for logistic reasons. The subsequent nocturnal »Nach(t)konzert« will feature ›Atemwind‹ by Mark Andre, played by EM’s clarinettist Jaan Bossier.