Happy New Ears

Enno Poppe in Portrait

The next Happy New Ears concert on April 30, 2018, focuses on the composer, conductor and ensemble leader Enno Poppe – an extremely productive artist personality with profound influence on New Music during the past twenty years. Poppe is often characterized as a mathematically-inclined tinkerer with an understanding of music as a means of communication. He often names his music for objects of daily life, such as ›Oil‹, ›Wood‹, ›Closet‹, ›World‹, ›Salt‹ or ›Animal‹. »I am more interested in concrete things. To me, music is also a concrete phenomenon,« Poppe himself says. In Frankfurt, he presents his works ›Brot‹ (Bread), ›Scherben‹ (Shards) and ›Fell‹ (Fur); together with his fellow composer Rebecca Saunders, he will also discuss them during the event.