Application for Composers

8th International Composition Seminar 2017

8th International Composition Seminar of the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA)

»A composer cannot observe the world he lives in with indifference. Human suffering, oppression, injustice ... all that comes to me in my thoughts. Wherever there is pain, wherever there is injustice, I want to speak through my music.« Isang Yun

Transit | Transformation is the theme of IEMA’s next International Composition Seminar – hosted by the Ensemble Modern and the composer and conductor Enno Poppe – which takes place for the eighth time in 2017 and is once again part of the festival “cresc... – Biennale für Moderne Musik Frankfurt Rhein Main“.

In Europe, the seminar is still unique in its bipartite structure; during recent years, this seminar has launched many international careers in composition.

In an initial try-out phase lasting several days, the compositional ideas developed for the seminar, sound concepts and technical approaches will be rehearsed and discussed with Ensemble Modern. Intensive working sessions will offer the opportunity to rehearse parts of the newly developed or still nascent compositional ideas or sound visions.

In the second phase, ideas and insights gained during the first phase are incorporated into the new pieces; the works are completed. After a rehearsal phase that also leaves room for exchange and discussion, the new works are premiered.

The 8th International Composition Seminar and its final concert are integrated into the fourth edition of the festival “cresc... – Biennale für Moderne Musik”. Thanks to its the integration into an international festival and support via the media cooperation with Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Radio), the International Composition Seminar enjoys special media attention, giving the final concert increased recognition.

The thematic focus is connected to the 2017 festival theme “Transit | Transformation“. Music and sound art is almost intrinsically connected with the definition of transit, and both create a field of tension which receives special attention within the festival – first and foremost because of artists who build bridges, cross borders, repeatedly assume different perspectives, moving between countries, cultures and genres.

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