One merit of the wonderful production is also to overcome the separation of “high” art and circus arts, realising the aesthetic potential within the spectacular: [...] In Mauricio Kagel’s ›Variété‹, the artistes are impressive in a choreography which could not be bolder: as artists.

Volker Milch, Wiesbadener Kurier

Spectacle Spaces

für Artisten und Musiker

In a sombre, pessimistic world of increasing electronic isolation, a nostalgic festival celebrating encounters and diversity (cabaret) instead of fearing them becomes a refuge and distraction – or even a way out?
The evening ›Spectacle Spaces‹ with Ensemble Modern and a high-carat group of international cabaret stars and artistes impressively juxtaposes contemporary music and modern circus arts. The point of departure is Mauricio Kagel’s ›Concert-Spectacle‹ for artistes and musicians which reverses the rules of classical cabaret: the music is not random accompaniment for staged attractions; instead, it determines the cabaret programme according to musical criteria.
Taking this as his point of departure, the Argentinean composer Martin Matalon has created a new composition which will have its world premiere on this evening. His music is constructed like parts of a puzzle with different geometry, colour, form and temporality, enabling the dancers and acrobats to interact as a counterpoint and projection of themselves.
In ›Spectacle Spaces‹, the Ensemble Modern musicians become a central and integral part of the artistic overall concept, based on the two scores. The contrast between contemporary music and astounding, entertaining cabaret arts is dissolved in a playful manner, questioning the borders between genres and formats: a spectacular evening full of enriching contrasts.

Spectacle Spaces für Artisten und Musiker (Trailer)