After Thomas Jolly‘s ›Thyeste‹, ›Story Water‹ is the second piece to be performed inside the court of honour of the Papal Palace. The challenging, yet gorgeous piece by Emanuel Gat takes the viewer straight into the heart of the choreographic and musical creation. A »must-see« at the 72nd Festival d'Avignon.«

Philippe Noisette,

The Ensemble Modern musicians not only share the stage, they occupy it on equal terms with the dancers, and like them, they are illuminated by a long sun-fire.

Christian Jade,

Emanuel Gat has [...] an idiom of movement which is all his own and quite idiosyncratic – in its nuances, it makes reference to the music, being an equal reflection of the music.

Sylvia Staude, Frankfurter Rundschau

To [Emanuel Gat], music and dance can maintain their independence when they meet; his dance does not aim to illustrate or interpret the music.

Jürgern Bieler, Bonner Rundschau

There is an inherent break between music and choreography – but it is precisely the obsessive moment of the ten dancers’ continuously repeated gestures and patterns of movement which enters into a brusque dialogue, challenging the viewer and listener.

Christian Oscar Gazsi Laki, Westdeutsche Zeitung

Flowing movements are visible, sometimes a hand flutters, sometimes a body shakes itself within a lotus position. Some movements return over and over, like musical motifs.

Bernhard Hartmann, General-Anzeiger Bonn

Story Water

Emanuel Gat Dance & Ensemble Modern

›STORY WATER‹ brings Ensemble Modern together with one of the leading European choreographers, Emanuel Gat. Together, the Ensemble Modern musicians and the dancers of Emanuel Gat Dance, the resident company at the Maison de la Danse in Istres in the South of France, explore the relationship between music and dance in this evening-length programme. Part of the choreography will be developed on the basis of existing works: Pierre Boulez’ ›Dérive 2‹ and Rebecca Saunders’ double bass concerto ›Fury II‹. For the other part, entitled ›FolkDance‹, the dancers and musicians create a musical-choreographic overall score together, wehre the gestures of sound production merge with those of the dance, crossing and blurring traditional boundaries and responsibilities.

Story Water - Emanuel Gat & Ensemble Modern (Trailer)
Making of: Creation Process of FolkDance