On Air

Ensemble Modern live from the Attic

In early April, Ensemble Modern launched its new digital live concert series ›On Air‹ in times of coronavirus. The live concerts are streamed from the hall in the attic of Ensemble Modern’s headquarters in Frankfurt’s Ostend. Given the government of Hessen’s loosening of the restrictions concerning events, we are delighted to announce that Ensemble Modern can now begin giving concerts again – albeit only in its hometown of Frankfurt and with drastically reduced audience numbers – and can also tackle several CD productions. Therefore, the digital ›On Air‹ concerts will take place from now on at irregular intervals. As usual, you will find dates and livestreams here on our website and on Facebook.

On Air – Ensemble Modern Live from the Attic

Next Live-Stream on 04.06.2020, 7.30 pm

On Air – Happy New Ears live aus der Oper Frankfurt
Porträt Lucia Ronchetti

On Air – Jaan Bossier, Klarinette/clarinet (09.04.2020)
On Air – J. Mistry, G. Panagiotidis, Violine/violin (13.04.2020)
On Air – Rainer Römer, Schlagzeug/percussion (16.04.2020)
On Air – Dietmar Wiesner, Flöte/flute (20.04.2020)
On Air – Michael Maria Kasper, Violoncello (23.04.2020)
On Air – Eva Böcker, Violoncello (27.04.2020)
On Air – Offene Ohren (11.05.2020)
On Air – Ueli Wiget, Klavier (04.05.2020)
On Air – Jagdish Mistry, Violine (07.05.2020)
On Air – C. Hommel & R. Ogawa (30.04.2020)
On Air – Ensemble Modern und medico international (14.05.2020)
On Air – H. Kretzschmar & D. Wiesner (18.05.2020)
On Air – David Haller (21.05.2020)
On Air – Happy New Ears live aus der Oper Frankfurt (04.06.2020)