Under the baton of Clemens Heil, Ensemble Modern swathes this text-and-piano thread in colourful fabrics, interpreting through illustration for the most part, and always reacting to the text.

Elisabeth Schindt, Südkurier


Musiktheater von Markus Hechtle

In Greek legend, the Minotaur is confined to the labyrinth built by Daedalus in order to protect humanity from the Minotaur. In his 1985 ballad ›Minotaurus‹, Friedrich Dürrenmatt reinterprets the antique myth. Here, the Minotaur is locked away »to protect humans from the creature and the creature from humans«. Furthermore, Dürrenmatt places the world as perceived by the Minotaur in the centre of his ballad, which forms the basis for Markus Hechtle’s new work of the same title. Together with stage director Thierry Bruehl, Markus Hechtle developed a concept which turns Dürrenmatt’s ballad into a work of musical theatre, an encounter between music and language, between sound and depiction. The actress Nicola Gründel describes the inside perspective of the beast. As in a monodrama, she speaks alone, in constant parallel to the consequently unisonous piano line, the metaphorical reflection of the creature.

The world premiere took place in Stuttgart as part of the festival ECLAT in February 2013, under the baton of Clemens Heil.