Questionnaire day Bhawalkar

The conventional wisdom is that Indian classical music and Western classical music are worlds apart and that any attempt to come together in anyway would lessen the strength of one or the other. In our short time together have you found any points of reference or points of departure for further exploration which contradict this idea?

The delivery of content in two musical forms is influenced by cultural issues. The way of expressing feelings - for example, in Dhrupad, meend, gamak, Ghaseet, Lehak, Dagar, Hudak (Upper, Lower) can be explored in the context of western composition. Improvisation in Indian Classical music may be assessed for inclusion in western musical performance. Musical techniques used for the representation of imagery could be explored further. People appreciate music if they can relate it to their moods and images.
Communication with audience is key to success of a performance in Indian Classical music concert. Much would depend on response from audience.
Based on the experience at EM, one can say that interpretation of Indian themes by western musicians inspired me to create further. Replacing Tanpura by a harp in dhrupad performance.

From the instruments presented by the EM have you found any instrument that is really far away from the Indian musical sensibility? Or put another way, is there an instrument that you will definitely not be usind - and why?
I dont find a horn or a trumpet suitable from Indian musical perspective. However, here we need to consider that those western musical instruments which may not be suitable for playing Indian classical music, may find suitable place in other Indian musical forms.

In Indian music the composer and performer are the same person. In writing music for the EM with the inevitable separation are there any striking limits and freedoms that arise?
As far as my contribution is considered, I did face difficulties or limitations - personally, I am not acquainted myself with staff notation. Notating microtonal aspects of my performance needs to be investigated. I faced difficulty in representing Time in Indian music in staff notation.

For this project we have had "scribes" who have listened to your musical ideas and transcribed them to Western notation. Has this process brought up any surprises, pleasant and unpleasant?
Interpretation differed when the notated music was performed by EM musicians. The reproduced music was different but it was pleasant!