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Calls, Studies & Games - SaVaSa Trio

  • Composers
  • Matej Bonin
  • Elliott Carter
  • Beat Furrer
  • Bernhard Gander
  • Márton Illés
  • Chikage Imai
  • Hermann Kretzschmar
  • Damon Thomas Lee
  • Martin Matalon
  • Vassos Nicolaou
  • Marcelo Perticone
  • Steingrimur Rohloff
  • Natalio Sued
  • Manfred Trojahn
  • Adalberto Vidal
  • Vito Žuraj


SaVaSa Trio
Calls, Studies & Games
Sava Stoianov, trumpet
Valentín Garvie, trumpet
Saar Berger, French horn

  • 2 CDs
  • EM Medien
  • Release: 2017


CD 1

Elliott Carter Call 1.46
Beat Furrer Studie 2.29
Chikage Imai Interweave 2.16
Vassos Nicolaou Erinyes 4.25
Matej Bonin Momentum 3.11
Bernhard Gander insincere sermon 3.33
Manfred Trojahn Introduzione e scherzettino 4.10
Marcelo Perticone Appunti 2.44
Martin Matalon Metal sobre Metal 8.52
Steingrimur Rohloff Raw Food 4.03
Márton Illés Én-kör I 3.53
Natalio Sued From White to Black 2.17
Natalio Sued Warming Up 4.45
Natalio Sued Prisma 2.51
Damon Lee The Razor‘s Edge 5.02
Miguel Galperín From Dust to Dust 1.32
Vito Žuraj Quiet, please! 3.45
Valentín Garvie Anti-Vienna 0.36
Total playing time: 62.11

CD 2

Hermann Kretzschmar SaVaSa Games 13.41
Hermann Kretzschmar New SaVaSa Games 14.04
Adalberto Andrés Vidal Cinco estudios 27.29
Total playing time: 61.31

Ingo Schulze: Die Abflussrohre spuckten ihre Eisblöcke wie abgelutschte Bonbons auf den Gehsteig
Hörspiel mit Musik

People in moments of happiness or of fatefully unhappy misunderstandings, people at the crossroads of coincidence or embedded in traditions and memories – these people, whether in St. Petersburg, Russia, in Altenburg, Thuringia, in Berlin or Rome, seek orientation in the confrontation with those elements of life that are as simple as they are momentous: love and friendship. People bear the experience of Germany’s reunification; the action takes place from the 1990s to our present time.

The writer Ingo Schulze, who has won numerous awards since his novel ›Simple Stories‹ appeared in 1998, is a kind of time compactor. The audio play with music ›Die Abflussrohre spuckten ihre Eisblöcke wie abgelutschte Bonbons auf den Gehsteig‹ (›The drainpipes spat their ice blocks onto the sidewalk like eaten candy‹) – a co-production of Ensemble Modern and Südwestrundfunk – unites excerpts from Ingo Schulze’s prose works ›33 Augenblicke des Glücks‹, ›Adam und Evelyn‹, ›Handy‹, ›Neue Leben‹ and ›Orangen und Engel‹. The texts are read by high-carat actors such as Judith Engel, Sylvester Groth and Thomas Thieme. The selected musical works, ranging from Anton Webern, Hans Werner Henze, Erwin Schulhoff to John Cage, Tom Johnson and Howard Skempton, are complemented by modules composed by Ensemble Modern member Hermann Kretzschmar, offering a connecting link of dramaturgical meaning, resulting in an interplay of music and text.

  • Composers
  • John Cage
  • Cornelius Cardew
  • Hans Werner Henze
  • Tom Johnson
  • Hermann Kretzschmar
  • Erwin Schulhoff
  • Howard Skempton
  • Anton Webern
  • CD
  • EM Medien
  • EMCD-032
  • Release: 2017
  • Total playing time: 77.06


Hörspiel mit Musik

nach neuen Texten und Passagen aus den Prosawerken ›33 Augenblicke des Glücks‹, ›Handy‹, ›Adam und Evelyn‹, ›Orangen und Engel‹ und ›Neue Leben‹

mit Kompositionen von Hermann Kretzschmar, Hans Werner Henze, Erwin Schulhoff, Anton Webern, Tom Johnson, Cornelius Cardew, John Cage, Howard Skempton

1 Alle Wege 6.10
Ingo Schulze: 33 Augenblicke des Glücks
Hermann Kretzschmar: St.PetersburgModul
Hans Werner Henze: Segnali

2 Epiphanie 11.58
Ingo Schulze: Handy
Hermann Kretzschmar: NaturModul
Erwin Schulhoff: Melancolia
Hermann Kretzschmar: OrangenModul
Hans Werner Henze: Toccata
Erwin Schulhoff: Perpetuum mobile

3 Zellbiologie 6.28
Ingo Schulze: Adam und Evelyn
Anton Webern: Drei kleine Stücke op.11

4 Variationen über die Zeit 10.46
Ingo Schulze: Variationen über die Zeit
Tom Johnson: Harpiano 1, 2, 10, 3
Cornelius Cardew: Autumn 60

5 Signor Candy Man 19.17
Ingo Schulze: Orangen und Engel
John Cage: Music for Carillon No. 2, No. 3
John Cage: Music for Carillon No. 3
ermann Kretzschmar: Vc-Fg-Modul

6 Iwan Toporyschkin 1.45
Ingo Schulze: 33 Augenblicke des Glücks
Hermann Kretzschmar: IwanModul

7 Letzte Übung 20.35
Ingo Schulze: Neue Leben
Howard Skempton: Gemini Dance VI
Howard Skempton: Duet for piano and woodblocks
Cornelius Cardew: Material