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Woher? Wohin? – Mythen, Nation, Identitäten

  • Composers
  • Matej Bonin
  • František Chaloupka
  • Andris Dzenītis
  • Paweł Hendrich
  • Kristaps Pētersons
  • Jānis Petraškevičs
  • Nina Šenk
  • Judit Varga


Musicians: Ensemble Modern

Conductors: Peter Eötvös, Clemens Heil, Anu Tali

  • 2 CDs
  • EM Medien
  • EMCD-037/ EMCD-038
  • Release: 2017
  • Total playing time: 137.54


CD 1

Paweł Hendrich: Sedimetron for Ensemble (2012) in memoriam Andrzej Chłopecki Peter Eötvös, Leitung 15.00

Nina Šenk: Twenty In Five for speaker and Ensemble (2012) ONE: The beginning TWO: First impression THREE: Facts (the beginning and the journey) Artists (criticism of the culture, of the nation) FOUR: Pessimistic views of the present FIVE: Views towards the future Anu Tali, Leitung 19.10

Judit Varga: Entitas for twelve musicians (2012) Clemens Heil, Leitung 20.25

Kristaps Pētersons: Money for conducted Ensemble (2012) I Money economic boom / economic crisis II Money solution Anu Tali, Leitung 14.23

CD 2

Matej Bonin: Kaleidoscope für Ensemble (2012) Peter Eötvös, Leitung 16.52

František Chaloupka: Mašin Gun – The Seven Rituals for purging the Czech Lands from the Spirit of Communism – für Ensemble (2012) I Intro Ritual II–VI Ritual VII Outro Ritual Peter Eötvös, Leitung 16.03

Jānis Petraškevičs: Darkroom – A fantasy piece for Ensemble (2012) #1 Motto (...SCHumAnn/Aufschwung ...) #2 Clemens Heil, Leitung 11.50

Andris Dzenītis: Latvian Cookbook for Ensemble (2011/12) Sätze I–IV sowie VII–VIII Peter Eötvös, Leitung 24.05

Calls, Studies & Games - SaVaSa Trio

The SaVaSa Trio, founded in 2013 by the brass players Sava Stoianov (trumpet), Valentín Garvie (trumpet) and Saar Berger (French horn), presents its first recording, the double CD ›Calls, Studies & Games‹, which unites works commissioned for this relatively uncharted instrumentation. The works, which were created in close cooperation with composers such as Beat Furrer, Martin Matalon, Bernhard Gander and many others, represent various musical fields, from classical music via improvisation to jazz and world music.

  • Composers
  • Matej Bonin
  • Elliott Carter
  • Beat Furrer
  • Bernhard Gander
  • Márton Illés
  • Chikage Imai
  • Hermann Kretzschmar
  • Damon Thomas Lee
  • Martin Matalon
  • Vassos Nicolaou
  • Marcelo Perticone
  • Steingrimur Rohloff
  • Natalio Sued
  • Manfred Trojahn
  • Adalberto Vidal
  • Vito Žuraj


SaVaSa Trio
Calls, Studies & Games
Sava Stoianov, trumpet
Valentín Garvie, trumpet
Saar Berger, French horn

  • 2 CDs
  • EM Medien
  • Release: 2017
  • Total playing time: 123.42


CD 1

Elliott Carter: Call 1.46

Beat Furrer: Studie 2.29

Chikage Imai: Interweave 2.16

Vassos Nicolaou: Erinyes 4.25

Matej Bonin: Momentum 3.11

Bernhard Gander: insincere sermon 3.33

Manfred Trojahn: Introduzione e scherzettino 4.10

Marcelo Perticone: Appunti 2.44

Martin Matalon: Metal sobre Metal 8.52

Steingrimur Rohloff: Raw Food 4.03

Márton Illés: Én-kör I 3.53

Natalio Sued: From White to Black 2.17

Natalio Sued: Warming Up 4.45

Natalio Sued: Prisma 2.51

Damon Lee: The Razor‘s Edge 5.02

Miguel Galperín: From Dust to Dust 1.32

Vito Žuraj: Quiet, please! 3.45

Valentín Garvie: Anti-Vienna 0.36

CD 2

Hermann Kretzschmar: SaVaSa Games 13.41

Hermann Kretzschmar: New SaVaSa Games 14.04

Adalberto Andrés Vidal: Cinco estudios 27.29