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Magahonny Songspiel. Chansons des Quais. Kleine Dreigroschenmusik

Ensemble Modern has a close, passionate and long-standing connection with the music of Kurt Weill and the Viennese conductor, composer and chansonnier HK Gruber. Now the Ensemble presents a new CD featuring three works by Kurt Weill under the baton of the avowed »Weillian« HK Gruber. Specifically, ›Mahagonny Songspiel‹, the ›Chansons des Quais‹ and ›Kleine Dreigroschenmusik‹. Recorded with the singers Ute Gfrerer and Winnie Böwe as well as the vocal ensemble amarcord, the CD was produced with support from the Kurt Weill Foundation in New York.

  • Composer
  • Kurt Weill

Ensemble Modern

HK Gruber, conductor

Ute Gfrerer, soprano

Winnie Böwe, soprano


  • CD
  • EM Medien
  • EMCD-040
  • Release: 2019
  • Total playing time: 77.38


Kurt Weill (1900–1950)

1–6 Mahagonny. Ein Songspiel (1927)

7–16 Chansons des Quais (Songs of the Waterfront) (1934/2017)

17–24 Kleine Dreigroschenmusik (1928)

Schuberts Winterreise

  • Composer
  • Hans Zender

Hans Peter Blochwitz, Tenor

Ensemble Modern

Hans Zender, Conductor

  • 2 CDs
  • EM Medien
  • Release: 2019
  • Total playing time: 90.35


Disc 1

Gute Nacht/Good Night (9:38)
Die Wetterfahne/The Weather Vane (2:07)
Gefrorne Tränen/Frozen Tears (2:08)
Erstarrung/Numbness (4:03)
Der Lindenbaum/The Linden Tree (4:01)
Wasserflut/The Deluge (3:26)
Auf dem Flusse/By the Stream (3:58)
Rückblick/Retrospect (2:15)
Irrlicht/Will-o'-the-wisp (2:44)
Rast/Rest (3:03)
Frühlingstraum/Dream of Spring (3:44)
Einsamkeit/Loneliness (3:51)
Die Post/The Mail Coach (4:59)

Disc 2

Der greise Kopf/The Gray Head (2:22)
Die Krähe/The Crow (2:00)
Letzte Hoffnung/Last Hope (2:09)
Im Dorfe/In the Village (3:00)
Der stürmische Morgen/The Stormy Morning (1:27)
Täuschung/Delusion (2:29)
Der Wegweiser/The Guidepost (3:52)
Das Wirtshaus/The Inn (4:06)
Mut!/Courage! (3:18)
Die Nebensonnen/The Mock Suns (4:01)
Der Leiermann/The Hurdy-Gurdy Man (6:29)