Surrogate Cities

bei den KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen

On May 21, 2017 Heiner Goebbels´ Grammy-nominated seven-part orchestral cycle ›Surrogate Cities ‹ will be performed at the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen by the Ensemble Modern Orchestra, which for the first time brings together Ensemble Modern, musicians of the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie and the International Ensemble Modern Academy for this project. Festival director Ingo Metzmacher will conduct the extraordinary work himself.

In ›Surrogate Cities‹, which has been successfully performed around the world since its premier in 1994, the orchestra is conceived as an image of society and metaphor for a city. The changeable, complex form of the city can be experienced in the interplay of the temperatures and intensities of the music, in its sometimes breathless, sometimes lyrical architecture, its rhythms and orchestral gestures. The music draws its impulses from texts, drawings and the structures of city maps. It uses sounds from Berlin and New York, Tokyo and Saint Petersburg, or comes unexpectedly upon historical finds and fragments. The sampler plays a central role as the digital store of this acoustic material. Vocalist David Moss and jazz singer Jocelyn B. Smith lend their voices to the narrative parts.

The concert takes place at the 3.900qm Gleisfeldhalle of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Stöcken. The Gleisfeldhalle, where goods trains, trucks and forklifts kept the production going until Friday afternoon, an extraordinary project with more than 1.400 seats will be created for the duration of a single weekend.

»›Surrogate Cities‹ is the attempt to approach different urban aspects, to talk about cities, to expose oneself to them, to observe them. It’s a realistic, certainly contradictory but ultimately positive picture of a modern metropolis. My starting point is not the close-up but the attempt to read the city as a text, to translate something from its mechanics and architecture into music.« (Heiner Goebbels)

Ingo Metzmacher über “Surrogate Cities”