Biennale für aktuelle Musik Frankfurt Rhein Main

Social networks know us better than we ourselves do. Intelligent chess algorithms outplay any grandmaster after a brief training period. Genome editing allows us to modify the human genotype. The age of digital machines increasingly questions our concept of what it means to be human.

Under the title HUMAN MACHINE, the 2020 cresc... Biennial for Current Music Frankfurt Rhine Main spends two weekends exploring the fascination exerted by the relationship between humans and technology upon a great variety of current music. Contemporary music meets heavy metal, noise, turntablism and live electronics. The International Composition Seminar presents world premieres of works by young composers examining the field of tension between man and machine. Highly divergent aesthetic worlds meet.

Apart from the presenters of the festival, Ensemble Modern and the Frankfurt Radio Symphony, the line-up includes the British composer and turntablist Shiva Feshareki, the Norwegian master of live electronics Helge Sten, the British electronics producer Matthew Herbert, the Austrian composer Bernhard Gander, the Hungarian singer Attila Csihar, the German Rapper Samy Deluxe, the Canadian heavy metal drummer Flo Mounier, the conductor and composer Enno Poppe, the ensemble mosaik and the hr-Bigband.

The concerts take place at Jahrhunderthalle, at the legendary rock club Batschkapp, at hr Broadcasting Hall, at the Frankfurt LAB and at Albert-Schweitzer-Schule Offenbach.

Trailer cresc... 2020
Metal vs. Ambient