Lullaby Experience

It’s your turn to sing!

Be a part of the collective experience Lullaby, imagined by the composer Pascal Dusapin: share your childhood melodies online. It’s the memory of a nursery rhyme, even changed with the passing of time, that we invite you to sing, to whisper ...

Lullaby is a participative project, open to all – children and adults alike – worldwide. The collected recordings will provide the sonic material used by the composer for the musical creation of Lullaby, performed by Ensemble Modern in collaboration with IRCAM and the director Claus Guth at Frankfurter Positionen and ManiFeste in Paris.

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World Premiere: February 2 &3, 2019, Francfort, festival Frankfurter Positionen
Positionen French Premiere:
June 2019, Paris, IRCAM ManiFeste festival

A production of Ensemble Modern, IRCAM, and Mousonturm for the Frankfurter Positionen. IRCAM, as part of the DYCI2 project is supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR). Frankfurter Positionen is initiated by the BHF BANK Stiftung. Supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.