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Maurice Ravel: Kaddish (1914)

Yitzhak Yedid: Purification Prayer für Horn Solo (2022)

World premiere

Valentín Garvie: Erke für Horn solo (2020)

Zeynep Gedizlioglu: Virgül für Horn solo (2020)

John Cage: Ryoanji - For any solo from or combination of voice, flute, oboe, trombone, double bass ad libitum with tape, and obbligato percussionist or any 20 instruments. (1984)

Mark Andre: iv 5 - für Oboe solo (2007/08)

Isang Yun: Piri für Oboe solo (1971)

Rolf Riehm: Ungebräuchliches für Oboe solo (1964)

Christian Pedro Vásquez Miranda: Mikroskopía für Oboe solo (2011)


Christian Hommel (Oboe), Saar Berger (Horn)


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