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Charles Ives: The Unanswered Question (1908)

Edgard Varèse: Octandre - für sieben Bläser und Kontrabass (1923)

Rebecca Saunders: Skin für Sopran und 13 Instrumente (2015–16)

Charles Ives: Gyp the Blood or Hearst (1912)

Charles Ives: From the Steeples and the Mountains (1901)

Charles Ives: The Pond (Largo sostenuto) (1906/1912–13)

Charles Ives: Tone Roads No. 3 (1915)

Charles Ives: A Set of Pieces for Theatre or Chamber Orchestra (1905–1911)

James Tenney: In a Large Reverberant Space (1994)


Conductor: Michael Wendeberg

Ensemble Modern, Juliet Fraser (Sopran), Christian Fausch (Moderation)




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