Comprehending the Present

Art as Society’s Mirror
Brigitta Muntendorf

In order to pass on its knowledge to a younger generation in a concentrated, condensed form, both in practice and theory, Ensemble Modern founded the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) in 2003. It is knowledge which members of Ensemble Modern have acquired and continue to acquire in decades of working with composers within the biotope of new music. In addition to seminars for composers, master courses for instrumentalists and education projects, the heart of IEMA is the one-year master’s degree course in contemporary music, which has taken place annually in cooperation with the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts since 2006. Numerous promising careers have begun here: graduates include instrumentalists, sound designers, composers, conductors and ensembles. The Cologne-based composer Brigitta Muntendorf (b. 1982) was also a participant in IEMA in 2013; today she is one of the most high-profile composers of her generation. Making virtuoso and calculated use of media and questioning social contexts, her works offer a courageous and active exploration of our current times. Together with the Bregenz Festival , Ensemble Modern has commissioned Brigitta Muntendorf to write an evening-length musical theatre work. Its first performance is scheduled for 2021, thereby pointing beyond the anniversary year.