1 2 3 4 ty Years Ensemble Modern – 2020 Anniversary Cycle

In many different cultures, the number Forty symbolizes trial and proven success. Since its founding in 1980, Ensemble Modern has taken artistic risks and mastered innumerable challenges. The soloists have met many expectations, often exceeding them with musical surprises and programmatic twists. Based in Frankfurt am Main, the »home port« of the democratically constituted Ensemble Modern, the musicians perform throughout the country and the world. And of course also at home. Their programmatic spectrum ranges from chamber music via larger formations to orchestra concerts, from dance performances via video projects to musical theatre, from free and guided improvisation via cooperations with protagonists of the jazz, pop and electronic music scene to their own collective creations. For four decades, Ensemble Modern has been one of the most versatile ensembles of our time, working closely with composers, ensuring a diverse and sustainable musical future, and exploring new artistic terrains with unquenchable curiosity.

Spanning the entire season, Ensemble Modern’s anniversary cycle on the occasion of its 40-year jubilee once again demonstrates the multi-faceted nature of its musical existence. These birthday activities highlight aesthetic and historical aspects which have been constitutive not only for Ensemble Modern’s development, but for music history itself. Of course one central focus is on the production of current music – otherwise Ensemble Modern would not be the ensemble for our times. Various composers have been commissioned to write pieces for the 2020 anniversary: as serenades, as repeated trials for repeated success, as a snapshot of music today and an outlook upon tomorrow.